Welcome to the Heller MPPSA Blog!

Welcome to the Masters in Public Policy Student Association Heller Blog!

This blog was started by a group of dedicated public policy students at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management to provide a place for students to research, analyze, and discuss current events using a polity-centered lens. It will also serve as a resource for important articles and developments in the public policy field. This blog will provide a space for students to convert what they are learning in the classroom into short, concise, and thought-provoking posts.

Each month will be dedicated to one of the policy concentrations at the Heller School, which include: Aging Policy and Services; Behavioral Health; Children, Youth, and Family Policy; Health Policy; Poverty Alleviation; and Women’s and Gender Studies. Each month, we will post articles that focus on current events and research that impact the month’s concentration focus. This blog is a space for students to showcase specific work stemming from each program concentration, current events, and students’ professional interests and experiences.

For our first month, we are very excited to spotlight the work being done in the Children, Youth, and Family Policy concentration. Our posts will focus on policies that impact children and families, both regionally and nationally. We will also showcase the research and achievements of our students and faculty within the concentration.

Stay tuned throughout the month for exciting news on all things policy!


Brie McLemore, the MPPSA Publications Committee Chair

IMG_7948 (1)

The MPPSA Publications Committee


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