Weekly Round-Up

What’s the Solution to Middle-Class Stagnation?

“Economists have considered the implications of building more housing, raising taxes on the rich, expanding unions, and reducing social safety nets. Is there an answer we haven’t considered yet?” – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

The Eviction Economy

“America stands alone among wealthy democracies in the depth and expanse of its poverty. Ask most politicians what we should do about this, and they will answer by calling for more and better jobs… But jobs are only part of the solution because poverty is not just a product of joblessness and low wages. It is also a product of exploitation.” – Matthew Desmond, The New York Times

Why the Poor Pay More for Toilet Paper

“The world, in fact, is full of opportunities to save money — if you just have enough money to access them.” – Emily Badger, The Washington Post

Marriage Will Not Fix Poverty

“For years, conservatives have been saying that wedlock is a ticket out of destitution. So why are so many married people poor?” – Rebecca J. Rosen, The Atlantic


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