Student Spotlight: Allison Miller

P5041313 (1).jpg

Please introduce yourself (name, year, concentration, activities or positions you might hold here at Heller):

My name is Allison Miller and I am a current first year MPP student at Heller. My concentration is in Women and Gender Studies and I am focusing on how gender affects immigration experiences in the US. As a WGS concentrator, I have joined the Gender Working Group and am grateful to help contribute to their awesome programs and activities.


What were you doing before you came to Heller?

Before coming to Heller I worked  in healthcare but was doing part-time work as an au pair recruiter for a friend of mine who runs an English academy and au pair program in Spain. Attempting to help set up educational programs for students but constantly running into the confines of legal migration laws regarding work founded my desire to better understand these U.S. policies. This, combined with the experiences I gained in previous volunteer work for my school’s Women’s Center, led me to create a focus on immigrant women within the US.


Why did you decide to come to Heller?

I was attracted to Heller specifically because the school’s focus on social justice and genuine desire to help spread social inclusion in our society. I could tell that the classes wouldn’t just be about learning policies and laws but would really teach me how to create policies that genuinely help people.


What are some of the classes/activities that you’ve really enjoyed here at Heller?

As a WGS concentrator, I was extremely thankful for the opportunity to take a class on law and social justice with Professor Anita Hill. By teaching us first-hand about the progression of women’s rights in our country, she challenged the way many of us address social policy. Her course stressed the importance of creating policies in our nation that promote social justice for all.



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